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Background is key

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I’m not a competitive gamer, given my win to loss ratio I couldn’t be even if I wanted to. What attracts me to a game is the wealth of background material and how I as a fan relate to it. It is for this reason I’ve stuck mainly with GW games and 40K in particular.

To this end I base my purchases, conversions and painting on a theme or background I’ve already established for my chosen army. Last weekend I put the finishing touches to my new Imperial Guard Colonel. I’d taken longer than usual to decide on how to convert the model and longer still to paint it. As I was photographing it for this week’s Twitter Miniature Monday I realised that he didn’t even have a name and, more importantly, I hadn’t really given much thought to the intricacies of the 57th Menasans as a regiment in their own right.

On Monday night I sat down and sketched out a brief history of both Menasa and its most illustrious regiment covering the planet’s colonisation by (allegedly) Captain Simeon Drakus before the Age of Strife, right up to the 57th’s involvement in the 13th Black Crusade as well as their various incidents with the Reavers Redemptor Astartes.

To this end I’m going to be publishing a series of articles detailing the history and characters of my guard army and, if successful, I hope to move on to my other two forces.

Hope you enjoy them.