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Return to normality

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Thank the gods that’s over!

I love spending time with friends and family over Christmas but as far as I’m concerned the best bit is waking up the morning after knowing that I have two weeks of no commitments other than those I choose to make myself.

Right now I’m relaxing in the spare room slowly assembling the Dark Eldar Scourges my Beloved got me for Christmas, if I’m industrious enough I might even have them ready for next week’s Miniature Monday.

I hope everyone’s holidays will be as relaxing and (hopefully) productive as mine.

Wedding Spawn

12/19/2011 4 comments

For this week’s Miniature Monday submission I thought I’d do something a bit different and show you a couple of models I painted especially for my own wedding eighteen months ago.

When my wife and I were planning our wedding we wanted to make it as unique to us as possible. Since my wife is a professional graphic artist/novelist she designed the lion’s share of the material from the splendidly creepy invitations to the designs on the candleholders. I wanted to contribute in some meaningful way and since I had recently returned to the hobby I volunteered to paint a couple of miniatures to be used as Wedding Cake toppers.

My initial plan was to be lazy and use a Bretonian Damsel and an Imperial Guardsman but one evening as I was flicking through Codex Chaos Marines my beloved started giggling at a photo of two Chaos Spawn and I knew they’d be perfect. Not only that but luckily enough my wife thought this was a superb idea, these are the results:

I tired to include elements of both us in our individual spawn. My one has a small kilt and while my hairline isn’t that bad it’s certainly getting that way! Likewise I made a small version of my wife’s hat out of Green Stuff and netting and coloured the rear tentacles to match what her hair colour was when we first met. Also both models sport small wedding rings on their talons. Also, as a comparison, here’s what we actually looked like.

The Fury of Menasa

12/12/2011 4 comments

After almost four months of building and painting I present to you the pride of the 57th Menasan Armoured Infantry, the Mars-Pattern Baneblade Fury of Menasa.

Hobby Points

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CaitoGalenus has posted a remarkable notion on his blog concerning how us wargamers can, in his words, get away with spending time and money on our hobby guilt-free.

You can read about his wonderful idea here.

I for one am definitely a convert.  On an unrelated note I’ll just go and give the wife a spontaneous foot massage, that Macharius isn’t going to buy itself!

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Happy Accidents

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One of the things I really love about the hobby is the occasional random discovery one makes completely by accident. A good example is my ever growing collection of models I’ve used to test colour schemes, generally I’m happy with most of the results produced but sometimes such results get used in some very unexpected ways.

A couple of years ago I bought a Valkyrie for my Imperial Guard, while I painted this in the colour scheme of the 57th Menasans I decided to be true to the fluff and paint the four crew in different colours to represent the fact they belonged to a branch of the Imperial Navy. At this point however painter’s block hit, while I knew I wanted to keep the two tone aesthetic of the Menasans I had to make them distinct.

Cue a quick trip to my local hobby store and the purchase of a set of five basic plastic Cadians. I knew I wanted either a grey or a blue tone for my crew so I very roughly painted these.

(L-R) Mordian Blue & Smurf Blue with Badab Black wash. MB & SB with Devlan Mud wash. Fortress Grey and Codex Grey with BB wash. FG and CG with Devlan Mud wash.

In the end I went with the blue and Badab Black wash but you really can’t tell the difference between that and the one washed with Devlan Mud, something to remember for the future.

This left me with one remaining model, since I’d recently bought a box of foundation paints I decided to pick two colours I thought would go well together and see what happened and this was the result.

"I'm a Lonely Soldier!"

After this model was completed I put it on a shelf and forgot all about it. That is until I started my Dark Eldar army six months later.

At the time the new codex was still just a rumour of a rumour, indeed it would be a further eleven months until its release. As such there was little in the way of cheap models with which to test my ideas for Warrior and Wych colour schemes. In the end I decided to use the cheap set of four Craftworld Eldar Guardians and produced the following four options.

While the one on the far left ended up being the basis for my Kabalite Warriors I wasn’t completely sold on any of the others for use by my Wyches. After a few days of unproductive cerebral meandering I happened to glance at the random red and purple guardsman I’d painted on a whim and realised that its scheme was perfect! As you can see below, the scheme survived the transition almost without change.

I often wonder what other random afterthoughts of mine will one day turn into something productive. Can’t wait to find out!

Recent Dark Eldar Additions

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Since I haven’t shown any of my Dark Eldar yet on the blog, I thought I post some pictures of my recently completed models.

I picked up the old metal female Archon shortly before the new codex came out.  While I was certain that there would be a far superior model imminent I found this one so characterfull that it had to have a place in my army.

While I’m still working on some old metal Wyches I got for my 30th birthday over 18 months ago, I’ve recently finished my first plastic squad.  Currently I’m trying to paint the older models to fit in with the new ones.

Next week I hope to show off my first superheavy tank and, maybe, some more Dark Eldar models.

A new wargaming blog

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Yorkwargamer has started a new blog.  Please send him some love by checking it out here.

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