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New Year

By now 2012 is a good thirty six hours old from where I’m siting on this decaying ball of rubble we euphemistically call home and so far this year’s done nothing much to annoy me.  Which is nice.

2011 was a good hobby year for me, I managed to only loose marginally more games than I won, I met loads of new gamers in my area and massively expanded the number of lovely, lovely people who wargame on Twitter.  I also started this little blog which so far has proven to be a lot of fun and over 1,000 unique hits in the first two and a bit month is far more that I could have hoped.

Anyway, to 2012!  I’m not normally a resolution-type person but my wife and I decided to make a few this year and while I don’t want to speak for her, here are mine:

1 – Actually finish my Dark Eldar army

Well, no one ever really finishes an army but mine is so unbalanced it’s fairly useless in it’s current form.  However thanks to my Christmas haul I have more than enough units to remedy this and if I’m disciplined I should have a fully painted 2,500 force ready for April.  Which leads me on to my second resolution;

2 – Be more disciplined, hobby-wise

Right now I have four projects on the go; my huge Imperial Guard army, my Dark Eldar, my Chaos Marines and my Battletech force.  I’d almost painted enough Dark Eldar to form a decent force when I decided to start my Baneblade which ate up almost two months of my time, not including my further diversion which resulted in my completed Leman Russ Exterminator.  You see my problem, plus I also want to start playing Warhammer Fantasy again and try my hand at Dystopian Wars…

3 – Play more games

Currently I only have three regular opponents and while they’re all lovely chaps I’d happily let wed my hitherto non-existent daughter I’d really like to find some new players in the greater Edinburgh area.  I’m signed up to Needgamers but unfortunately it appears there’s no one else in my area.  Luckily the Edinburgh League of Gamers meets fairly close to my flat and I’d really like to give them a try this year.

4 – Attend Games Day UK

The last Games Day I went to was either in 1996 or 1997 and I gather it’s changed somewhat since then.  Plus, have you seen this year’s Games Day Miniature?

5 – Go mountain biking at least once a month

I know it’s not gaming-related but I’ve been really lax when it comes to my physical fitness over the past three months and it shows!  I love biking off road and given I live so close to so many wonderful routes it’s really not cool that I’ve been neglecting this interest.


Anyway, that’s probably the most planning I’ll likely do for a while.  I hope you all have a fantastic 2012 and may all your dice rolls be kind.  Except when you play me, of course!

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  1. Steve
    01/02/2012 at 19:19

    I don’t think I’ve been along to ELG since the summer.

    Let me know if you’re still planning on going along. I think The first meetgin of the year is this Thursday.

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