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Miniature Monday Website

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Despite my best efforts, some of my gaming fellows have yet to take the Twitter plunge and as such are missing out on the brilliantness that is #miniaturemonday.

However, now that lovely chap @sixeleven has recently created a website which lists all such posts so at the very least those non-Twitterers can see what’s going on in the rest of the world.  Plus, enlightened folk such as myself can now view all the fantastic work others have produced without having to spend time trawling through timelines and such.


Dark Eldar Scourge Solarite

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For this week’s Miniature Monday submission I’m showing off the only model I managed to successfully complete during my Christmas holiday.

My far better half got me a set of Scourges for Christmas and I originally intended to have them all finished by now, unfortunately the commitments one often his thrust upon them at this time of year took their toll and only the Solarite is currently finished.


I kept the same scheme I used for my Kabalite Warriors since I reasoned that they’d adopt the colours of their current Archon, the only real problem I had was with the wings.  I decided to use a base of Dark Angels Green followed by a heavy drybrush of Mordian Blue with a light drybrush of Hawk Turquoise then finally a light wash of blue ink.  I might reapply the turquoise but I’ll see how the whole squad looks when finished.