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Bitz & Pieces: Silent Spectre Studios

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Today I received a lovely package from Silent Spectre Studios.  On Friday evening I ordered the Bounty Hunter mini from their Sci-Fi range and this morning it arrived with a little friend…

Along with the minis came a note from Stuart, the man behind the company who explained that there was a slight imperfection in the Bounty Hunter’s right leg which he’d repaired with Milliput since he had no replacements in stock.  As such he sent along a free minuture, Monique ‘Candy’ Cane from their Pulp range.  Now, first of all he didn’t have to do this, the ‘imperfection’ is so slight that I doubt I’d have even noticed but Stuart’s dedication to customer service puts many of his bigger rivals to shame.

Now, onto the models.

They’re made from a white metal alloy of tin and lead which I have to say appeals to the old school gamer in me.  They both have a good weight to them, even Ms Cane’s arms are robust which will help her survive the inevitable mid-painting  over-caffeinated drop I’m sure she’ll suffer in the very near future.  The detail on both is superb and the proportions just right.  Both have only microscopic amounts of flash, these models have been superbly moulded.  I will definitely be buying from this company again!