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Gaming Tattoos

01/25/2012 1 comment

This evening I was browsing various gaming sites and came across this article on BoLS regarding gaming tattoos.

While they’re interesting for the most part, none of those shown will possibly beat this piece of marvelousness:

I’ll come out and admit that I don’t have any tattoos and, without wishing to pass judgement, I don’t think were I to have one I’d go for a gaming motif. That said, I admire the passion and commitment of those who decide to do so.

Do you have one, or know of any who do? Please feel free to comment.

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Blessings of The Omnissiah – A study into alternative car maintenance

01/25/2012 2 comments

My car is very much like me.  It looks good for its age, it could be in better shape but occasionally it’s still capable of bursts of brilliance.

Like me, it’s also has a somewhat perverse sense of humor now and again. For example, three months ago I noticed that the engine was occasionally registering heat spikes.  In this situation I did what every modern, virile, 30-something man does.  I called my father.  Now this isn’t as pathetic as it sounds, my dad is a car salesman and indeed he sold me the car.  He believed that it was just a faulty internal thermometer, any dealership should be able to replace this part for around £70 he said.

With this in mind I took my car to the Mazda garage near my work.  After some prodding of its machine spirit it turned out that my water pump had failed and in it’s death throes it has taken the timing belt and tensioner pulley with it.  Cost to replace all this: £512.71.

Since the alternative was to wait until my engine decided to pack in, which I suspect would have cost significantly more to replace, I had little choice but to have the work carried out.  This left me wondering, is there anything hobby-related I could do to ensure that such an unfortunate event doesn’t happen again?

Well, rationally the answer is a resounding no, however to make myself feel better I decided to insure that the Omnissiah imparted its blessing onto my humble six year old Mazda 2.  So I made this:

The Omnissiah Protects!

I used Blu-Stuff to take an impression of the Mechanicus symbol from the Manufactorum kit then made two mouldings using Green Stuff.  After removing the flash I stuck them back to back, drilled a hole for the chain and painted it.  Fairly simple and you never know it might protect my car for a while!

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