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Movie Marines

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Over on Miniature Musings of a Bear, Doc Bungle has posted rules for Movie Marines which first appeared in WD300, you can check these out here.

As the Great Bear says, these are Space Marines as they should be!

3D Printing

01/27/2012 2 comments

Bell of Lost Souls has recently posted a brief article regarding the potential effects 3D printing will have on the hobby.  You can see the article, along with what is apparently a printed Space Marine Dreadnought here.

Now, for my two pence.  While the advent of 3D printing is a remarkable achievement, I don’t think anyone need worry any time soon.  I feel that there will always be a market for ready-made high quality miniatures in whatever material is best at the time, however this technology has the potential to revolutionise the bitz market.  This will of course require a substantial review into exactly what is covered by the various copyright law which are currently in force.

In any case, as the article rightly points out.  The lawyers will have a field day.

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