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Pets and Wargaming

01/29/2012 2 comments

For a while the wife and I have been thinking about adopting a cat.  Yesterday we popped over to sunny Fife and met a lovely and very affectionate black and white gentleman named Roady who’d been abandoned on the A92 by some imbecile.  With any luck we’ll have him in our lives in a couple of weeks.

Now, my problem is this.  While my wife has had cats before I haven’t and I’m still trying to figure out how best to protect my shinys from feline-related damage.  Our flat is very small so it’s not really fair to leave a room permanently out of bounds for our new family member however when I’m gaming he’ll be kept out of the main room.

Does anyone have advice as to how best to cat-proof one’s gaming stuff?  Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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Making the Beatdown a Reality

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The Shell Case has posted an update on plans for the Shell Case Beatdown, if you’re in any way interested in being a part of wargaming history please click here and fill in the form!

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