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Painting for Cancer Research UK

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Over on Miniature Musings of A Bear there’s a wonderful article about a pretty awesome painter who’s currently donating 100% of his commissions to Cancer Research UK.

You can find more info here and if you’re thinking about commissioning any work I strongly urge you to check this out.

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Chaos Rumours

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Interesting, very interesting.

Bell of Lost Souls have today updated the forever-brewing Cauldron of Chaos Rumours with some hopefully specific details, click here for more info.

While these are, let’s face it blindingly obvious expected changes and updates, it’s nice to see that things are (apparently) gaining momentum.

Old Style Dark Eldar Raider

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After sitting undercoated for close to three years in a plastic box I’ve finally my first and only old-skool Dark Eldar Raider. Now on to the new ones!


March GW Releases

02/21/2012 1 comment

Looks like some love at last is being shown to those poor Space Wolf and Tyranid players.

Bell of Lost Souls appears to have obtained the full list with $ prices which you can see here and Snake Eyes Games has obtained some WD pics which you can see here.

Dark Angels Rumours

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Finally some possible info about the much needed and long heralded revamp of everyone’s pouty, almost emo-like Astartes.

Click here to read the full article on Bell of Lost Souls.

Dark Eldar Scourges

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Presenting the first finished Scourge squad from the Kabal of the Sundered Heart.

The Solarite is armed with a Blast Pistol and Agoniser

I wanted to ensure that all the models had different coloured wings

My special weapons are the Heat Lance (L) and the Blaster (R)






A Hobby for the Whole Family

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Yesterday I posed some thoughts about how people enter the hobby and I received a fantastic comment Empecee which detailed how his whole family discovered the hobby together.

Without any further preamble, please read his article here, it’s absolutely lovely.

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