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The Shell Case Shorts 2

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Today really is the day for article sequels, isn’t it?

The Shell Case has just announced the second of its short story competitions, you can read all the details here.  This time however the word limit has gone up to 5,000 (+/- 2%) and this time I really will try to get my mighty arse in gear and give it a try.

Good luck, everyone.

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Gaming on a Budget 2

02/01/2012 2 comments

Earlier this year I introduced to the world my Hobby Tin and today in preparation for a trip to a nearby gaming store’s closing down sale (see this weekend’s article for more info) I decided to empty it.  The result was an impressive £28.31 which I hope to invest sensibly in new shiny tomorrow.

This approach, I feel, is working very well.  I only started collecting this cash in early November last year so that basically gives me a ‘free’ £30 every two and a half months which will allow me to occasionally treat myself and hopefully still keep (more or less) up with the Warmonger’s Pledge.  In any case, it means that I don’t have to worry too much about picking up the 6th edition of 40K when it appears 🙂

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