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A Sad Sign of The Times

02/02/2012 5 comments

This evening me and a couple of friends travelled over the Forth to Kirkcaldy to pay our first and, most likely, last visit to Kingdom of Adventure.  If you click on the link you’ll see why.

If not this image below sums it up, look at the sign in the window.

The sad fact is that in this economy it’s harder than ever for independent hobby stores to stay afloat.  These guys tried really hard for a long, long time to keep their business going but despite it’s evident popularity there just wasn’t enough local support to keep it running.

We can point fingers all we like  but I think it is a genuine tragedy that so many local sources for our hobby community are rapidly disappearing.

I must say I felt somewhat bad picking over the dying embers of this business.  Yes, I found a couple of bargains (the Warhammer Fantasy Battle rulebook and a Chaos Predator cost me £55) but in truth I could have made a similar saving online.  Having seen too many friends businesses fail lately I went to easy their financial burden in whatever little way I could.

I guess the moral of this tale is fairly simple; if you are lucky enough to have a local gaming hub like this please support it.

If not, they may not be around much longer.