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Dark Eldar Pain Tokens

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Ever since the the new Dark Eldar codex arrived I’ve been struggling with how to best model Pain Tokens.  The internet didn’t help, a quick search showed some bloody fantastic and elaborate ideas all of which required far more skill and time than I think I’ll always have.

Also, I didn’t want to spend extra money creating them which left me with the contents of my bitz boxes and after some experimentation I produced these:

The round bases are from some of the very old miniatures I stripped and sold on eBay a year ago and the skulls are Green Stuff casts of the wound marker from the 40K counter set.  I used Blu Stuff to create five impressions of this marker then made far more skulls than are represented here.

I’d originally intended to have the number of skulls on each base represent the level of Pain Token but I underestimated how large the skulls were, plus I only had a couple of spare larger bases.  That said, I think the painted markings work quite well. Also, I think I used a bit too much black ink but the great thing about this approach is that I have another 20 unpainted so there’s plenty of time to get it right!