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Autumn of Flyers?

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Set your lasguns to skeptical and prepare your buckets of salt because my favourite recurring rumour is back!

Yup, Bell of Lost Souls has reported that later this year and after the sixth edition is released, there might be a 40K Flyers Expansion/Supplement. Not only that but there will be new winged models on the way, they apparently are:

The Storm Hawk: an SM vehicle descended from the Heresy-Era Storm Bird.


An Ork Fighter or Fighter-Bomber: not much more information about this one but there are plenty of such vehicles in the fluff as well as Forge World models so this isn’t that much of a surprise.

You can read more about this here but remember all the usual caveats.

Incoming Empire

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These look amazing, finally some love for those poor Empire players!

The Wargaming Bear

Looks like we have the empire coming…..

With lots of zealots and crazy beasts.

But where is my Necron wave 2 mmmmmh!!

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Dark Eldar Haemonculus

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Second up today is a classic Haemonculus which I both started and finished yesterday.  This model is very special to me since I bought it from The Fantasy Shop in Maplewood, St Louis.   My wife’s from that fair city and while we married in Edinburgh we headded over the pond and had a second reception in the Schlafly Bottleworks.  When we got there I noticed the Fantasy Shop across the street and paid it a wee visit later on in our honeymoon where bought this model amongst others.

Dark Eldar Raider

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I’ve been a busy boy this weekend past.  First up I have my first new-style Raider to help the Kabal of The Sundered Heart reach their prey as quickly and – more importantly – as stylishly as possible.

New Citadel Paints: Comparison Chart

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In advance of tomorrow’s big change, here’s the official comparison chart that’s apparently featured in the next White Dwarf.

Remember, this is only an approximate match. If you’re in the middle of a big project I strongly recommend that you stockpile if you still can.


New Citadel Paints: Released on March 24th

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I may be a bit presumptuous but I can’t really read anything else into the little Youtube whatnot GW put on their blog today.

Dark Eldar Talos

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This weekend past I decided to finish a model I got for my 30th birthday over a year and a half ago.

While the new plastic Talos model is one of the best kits GW has yet produced, I do have a soft spot for the old metal version.  If one ignores the fact that it is the work of Satan to put the damned thing together, once it’s complete it’s a thing of macabre beauty and rewards the careful painter with many unexpected discoveries from flayed human faces to a seemingly never-ending number of hull-mounted skulls.  This is definitely my favourite model that I have painted this year.

More Chaos Rumours

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Some more rumours concerning the imminent Chaos Codex are making the rounds, you can read them here on Bell of Lost Souls.

These make a certain degree of sense to me however I wouldn’t be surprised if the 6th Edition surfaces first.

New Citadel Paints: More Details

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Once again Tales of Painters comes up with the goods! They’ve published some more details regarding the changes to GW’s paint range and the good news is that there’s apparently going to be a comparison guide in a forthcoming White Dwarf to help us adapt.

You can read the full article here.

Get ‘Em When They’re Young…

03/14/2012 3 comments

…and they’re your’s for life. Dubious tobacco marketing policies aside, it can also be a way of introducing folk to the joys of wargaming.

This article over on Alpha Hobbies’ website details one man’s thus far successful efforts to create some infant-friendly rules for his young children to use.

In my day we had stuff like Space Crusade, Hero Quest and Battle Masters (remember that one?) to introduce us into the hobby. While it can be argued that licensed video games are the modern day equivalent I think it’s sad that there aren’t any simplistic tabletop wargames to pave the way for the next generation.