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An Overview of Games Workshop

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This has been bouncing round the internet for some time but if you’ve yet to experience the more corporate side of everyone’s favourite gaming behemoth then take a look.

I do wonder if they had a competition to see how many times they could bludgeon in the company’s name into a six minute video.



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Old Stuff Day

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Today is Old Stuff Day, as such I’ve prepared a list of posts that I’m particularly proud of.


A History of Menasa – The full history of the planet my Imperial Guard Regiment is from.  More of these are currently in the pipeline.

Building the ruins of the future – A post covering the makeovers I made to some 40K terrain.

Wedding Spawn – For my wedding in 2010 we decided to use miniatures as cake toppers so I converted two Chaos Spawn for the occasion.

The Fury of Menasa – My first and thus far only super heavy tank.

A Sad Sign of The Times – I witnessed the last days of a popular Fife LGS.  Very sad.

A Better Tomorrow? – My thoughts on progress in the wargaming world.


I hope you enjoy them.