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Other Potential 40K 6th Edition Release Date

After my post yesterday which pointed to a possible (probable?) release date of Saturday 14th July I found this article on Bell of Lost Souls which argues for the possibility of a flexible release date based on GW’s fiscal fortunes over the next couple of months.

Basically the author postulates that since GW’s fiscal reporting year runs June to May a release date of late May could help remedy a potentially poor Q4 result while, if the going’s good, a June or July release could give them an early-year boost which can be cemented in December by Hobbit-related releases.

I like his reasoning, and the logic is sound however here’s why I feel mid-summer is more likely.

• If their Q1 – Q3 results are accurate it would take a disaster to seriously dent their whole-year performance at this stage.

• In the UK at least May is the time when one of their key demographics will all be revising for or sitting school exams, while (as I mentioned in my previous post) in mid-July the school holidays will be upon us.

• At this stage it’s also in many ways too late to push a release date for a product this significant forward. Don’t forget that all the stores will need time to ensure their staff know the new rules and that the appropriate carnival of events is in place.

• Finally there has been next to no sightings or any minis or cover art yet and for a release less than two months away that’s very odd indeed.

But what do I know? Seriously, all this is supposition. Knowing my luck there’ll be a surprise announcement next week!

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