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Autumn of Flyers?

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Set your lasguns to skeptical and prepare your buckets of salt because my favourite recurring rumour is back!

Yup, Bell of Lost Souls has reported that later this year and after the sixth edition is released, there might be a 40K Flyers Expansion/Supplement. Not only that but there will be new winged models on the way, they apparently are:

The Storm Hawk: an SM vehicle descended from the Heresy-Era Storm Bird.


An Ork Fighter or Fighter-Bomber: not much more information about this one but there are plenty of such vehicles in the fluff as well as Forge World models so this isn’t that much of a surprise.

You can read more about this here but remember all the usual caveats.

Incoming Empire

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These look amazing, finally some love for those poor Empire players!

The Wargaming Bear

Looks like we have the empire coming…..

With lots of zealots and crazy beasts.

But where is my Necron wave 2 mmmmmh!!

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