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A life of pious chivalry beckons

Some of you might remember my ruminations earlier this year when I considered starting a Warhammer Fantasy army.  Anyway, a couple of friends of mine recently developed a narrative campaign, The Rock in The Badlands which enables players to start with a 500 point force and work their way up through subsequent battles.

Well, this was the final push I needed to really get my arse in gear and after some more thoughts (and many impatient prods from my friends) I have decided on……



I picked up the army book from the lovely people at Wayland Games and after reading it I was hooked.  What’s not to love about ranks of noble knights galloping without fear into the enemy’s line while their (quite rightly dammit!) put upon serfs fire hails of arrows above their heads?  The army also presents a painting challenge for me which I think I’m almost looking forward to more than the campaign itself.

The campaign kicks off on the 26th of May, I’ll let you know how I get on.


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