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Items for Sale!

04/15/2012 Leave a comment

I’m currently clearing out a bunch of old miniatures which have been gathering dust for some years and I decided to take advantage of eBay’s free insertion weekend (behave, I’m looking at you @docbungle!) to list some of them.

These are currently for sale, clicking on them will take you to their full descriptions.

If you’re interested in any and have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me through the usual channels, I am offering P&P discounts for multiple purchases.

Also, I know that this is my first post in a while, unfortunately work commitments have meant I’ve been in the office more often than I’ve been anywhere else.  Normal service will resume very soon!

Dark Eldar Mandrakes

04/02/2012 1 comment

This weekend I managed to finish my first set of Dark Eldar Mandrakes.  I bought these about a year ago just before they were replaced by the Finecast versions so I’m looking forward to finding out if there’s any discernible difference when I expand the squad later.

Not only did I complete them but a mere twelve hours after the paint had dried, they were fighting the Imperium’s finest in a battle to the death.  If I’m honest they were my unit of the match (I’m I’m really honest they were the only unit that did any real damage!); they came in on reserve on the right flank and before the marines knew what hit them they’d disabled a Predator.

What happened to them (and the rest of my force) after that turn is best forgotten…

The Shell Case Shorts 4: Origins

04/01/2012 Leave a comment

Now this is interesting, The Shell Case has launched another short story competition but this one lets you tell the world about the backstory of one of your armies.

For full details, click here.

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