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Sixth Edition Press Release – Some Musings

Last night after I posted GW’s leaked press release I started thinking about the ramifications of its content.  Let’s just assume that this is legit for now and instead take a look at it in relation to some of the rumours that have been bouncing around the interweb over the past year or so.


First of all, this particular line got my attention:

Only the strength of the immortal Emperor of Terra stands between humanity and its annihilation…

Does this mean that the rumoured changes to the fluff haven’t (as yet) come to pass?  It has been widely rumoured that the Emperor has handed in his blue badge and shuffled off this mortal coil and as a result the Imperium has fractured and chaos (with both a big and a small C) has ensued.  If we assume that this has not yet happened it probably means more or less business as usual although I would be sad if nothing at all gets updated, after all many of the armies underwent modest or extreme facelifts in regards to their fluff and it would be a shame if this was not capitalised upon.

However this does not rule out the possibility of future changes, or in my opinion better yet a specific Warhammer 41,000 expansion book.  This way players could choose to fight themed battles and campaigns in this arena while those who prefer things to be a bit more traditional can stick with the 41st millennium.  I can see no reason as to why this can’t be the case, after all there are rumours abound about Forge World releasing a series of Warhammer 30,000 books and models starting later this year and other game systems, in particular Battletech provides rules to cover battles and armies spanning many different points in the history of the Inner Sphere.


Next what really peaked my interest was this:

Across airless moons, within the depths of dark, twisted hive worlds and even in the immaterial realm of Warp space, battles rage that will shape the future of the galaxy forever.

Does this mean that there will be rules for different types of battlefields?  I hope so.  How cool would it be to see a force of Space Marines sneaking across an airless moon with little gravity in order to assault an enemy fortress?  That said, maybe to do this justice it will appear in a Cities of Death style expansion, either way I really hope this sort of thing happens.



The Rulebook includes exciting features such as dynamic close-combat, flyers, psychic devastation and interactive scenery.

Lets start with this final two points, these seem to be taken directly from Warhammer Fantasy (the £8 Psychic card set is a dead giveaway) but even so I welcome these changes, especially if the rumoured option to spend points on buildings pans out.

As for the first two, there have been recent rumours about changes to the close-combat system, in particular the addition of AP stats for close-combat weapons.  I would very much like to see this as it would definitely enhance the assault phase (and hopefully make my Dark Eldar even more deadly 🙂 ).  As for the flyers, this makes sense given the recent raft of model releases.  I’ve also found the current rules, especially the damage table to be less than appropriate for flyers.  For example; if a flyer is disabled in flight it is treated as destroyed, how much better would it be if in this event the flyer can attempt to crash land on an enemy unit or fortification?


Anyway, that’s enough speculation from me for now.  If you agree, disagree or just fancy being social please feel free to comment.  Right now I’m counting the days!

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