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Army Builder vs GW

07/12/2012 1 comment

Yesterday Bell of Lost Souls reported that GW had issued a take down notice to Data Files R Us regarding the Army Builder files they host. Lone Wolf Development, the company behind the program issued this statement on their forum which places a fairly optimistic spin on things:

This could easily just be someone on the GW legal team doing a zealous sweep of anything that uses GW’s IP, without any awareness of the long-standing allowance of AB data files. Or it could mean something has fundamentally changed in GW’s philosophy towards AB. However, given that they have not contacted any of the data file authors themselves, including the high-profile 40K data file team, it seems to us that it’s probably the former, and that’s our working assumption right now. We’re in the process of reaching out to GW to learn more, but we’ve heard nothing yet from GW ourselves.

While I hope this is the case I do worry for the future of not just this app but also the likes of Battle Scribe and Quartermaster. While the programs themselves are completely fine, if GW and other games companies start flexing their legal muscles it may well become harder to create, source and host the necessary data files to use these list-builders.

In my opinion these programs can only help increase the popularity of wargames in general. Not everyone finds it easy to scour their army books for the umpteenth time to squeeze the most effective force out of their points allowance. Also, some people (myself included) are terrible record keepers and find the ability to retain previously used lists on their PCs, tablets and smart phones incredibly useful.

As Lone Wolf states, the developers have a symbiotic relationship with the games companies. Long may it continue.