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Hitting a Brick Wall

08/29/2012 1 comment

That’s it. I knew that this was going to happen eventually but I’m officially stuck. You see, today marks a dubious record for me as it’s been exactly four weeks since I’ve picked up a paintbrush, dice or craft knife and I’m not sure how to start again thanks to all the part-finished projects I’ve temporarily abandoned.

I’ll get my excuses out of the way. This summer has been extraordinarily busy, at work our annual audit took longer than expected not to mention I’m both breaking in new staff and have just finished a massive office relocation at incredibly short notice. At home my wife and I have had to complete her application for permanent settlement in the UK, believe it or not this has taken us over three months to finish, we only just posted it yesterday! There have also been weddings, a funeral, birthdays, the Edinburgh festivals, hospital appointments and this is just what I can remember. In truth I feel that my feet haven’t hit the ground since early June!

On the hobby front I have the following outstanding:

  1. A half-painted Dark Eldar Venom
  2. A half-painted Dark Eldar Wych Squad
  3. An unpainted old metal Dark Eldar Wych Squad
  4. A half-painted Finecast Commissar Yarrick
  5. 20 Unassembled Imperial Sector sprues
  6. An unpainted metal Dark Eldar Incubi Squad
  7. An unpainted Finecast Dark Eldar Archon
  8. An unpainted Finecast Dark Eldar Succubus
  9. An unpainted Finecast Dark Eldar Haemonculus
  10. An unpainted Finecast Dark Eldar Lhamaean
  11. An unassembled Dark Eldar Razorwing
  12. An unassembled Dark Eldar Ravager
  13. A part-assembled Chaos Space Marine Predator
  14. An unpainted Chaos Space Marine Terminator Lord
  15. An unpainted Chaos Space Marine Squad
  16. An unpainted Chaos Space Marine Terminator Squad
  17. A half-completed Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought I’m converting for my Chaos Marine army.
  18. Two sprues of Battletech Battlemechs that I’ve had since 1996
  19. 14 Inner Sphere Battletech Battlemechs I’d like to repaint
  20. 18 unpainted Bretonnian Knights of The Realm
  21. 15 unassembled Bretonnian Men-At-Arms
  22. 40 unpainted Bretonnian Peasant Bowmen
  23. 10 unpainted Bretonnian K nights Errant
  24. 1 unassembled Bretonnian Lord with Great Weapon
  25. 1 unpainted Bretonnian Paladin with Battle Standard
  26. 1 unpainted Bretonnian Pegasus Knight
  27. 1 half-painted Deathknell Watch

So, what do I do? Thus far I have always prided myself on my ability to not jump on the new army / game bandwagon every time something exciting is released, all my 40K armies have been gestating for many years (and I have the out of date Codexes to prove it!) but I think it’s obvious that my enthusiasm and ambition have slowly got the better of me.

I’ve attempted to prioritise my hobby time based on upcoming games but since most of my regular opponents have been similarly busy this really hasn’t been effective. It’s impossible to go with what I like the most since that’s part of what’s got me into this state in the first place!

I think that the best thing for me to do is to bloody finish something as soon as is humanly possible and luckily I have this coming Sunday free to do just that. But what do I attempt to finish?

Watch this space…

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Lucky buggers! I really wanted to go to this but the location was too far away to get to this time 😦

Next time maybe.

The Wargaming Bear

Thanks to  everyone who could make it and to @StaffordGames for putting up with us 🙂

Good time was had by all well except those who had to deal with Pandora……….

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Jeff here certainly puts the special into special forces!

The Wargaming Bear

I would like you all to meet Jeff

Jeff is a special ork he has many issues…

He insists that he is a stormboy alas he doesn’t realise that you need a rocket to be a stormboy but this does not stop him from trying.

This explains the ball and chain as his mates need a way to stop him jumping in front of them during battle!!

Please donate 3 teef each to help us get Jeff into the air and hopefully out of our way.


Warboss Grukk

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Latest Dark Angels Rumours

08/24/2012 1 comment


Bloody hell, I’m running out of truck loads of salt but I’ve just enough left to cope with these rumours that have surfaced on the BoLS forum. Click here for the latest info.

Damn you, Forge World!

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Those evil so and sos at Forge World have come up with this beauty. You can read the background and experimental rules for the Deimos Pattern Predator Infernus here.

My poor wallet.

Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons

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Today during my lunch break I happened across a straightforward guide to making some Pre-Heresy Thousand Son miniatures, you can read it here.

I really like the background to this chapter. When I started collecting my own Chaos Marine army it was very tempting to make them the sons of Magnus and even though I ended up going with a chapter of my own invention I think you can clearly see their influence.

Shooting in the Sixth Edition

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Bell of Lost Souls has published an interesting article about the tactical ramifications of the changes to the shooting rules in the sixth edition, click here for the article.

As a Guard player I’m very happy by these changes, they certainly make for a more realistic and tactically deeper game.

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I love Warhammer Quest, I can’t wait for the portable version 🙂


Veteran gamers like me will remember a simpler time when the Games Workshop produced a monster board game with dozens of models crammed, and the most mental experience and threat progression systems ever seen. A game whose rulebook was a quarter of the thickness of the bestiary. A game with four intrepid warriors and more plastic goblins than you could safely wave your hand it for fear you’d stab yourself to death. I refer, of course, to Warhammer Quest.

And it would seem that, despite Games Workshop accidentally deleting the master file all those years ago, it’s been revived. But this time in the form of a game exclusively for iOS (sorry Android and Windows users) by developers Rodeo Games. A teaser trailer has been released and more information can be found in their press release.

Slated for spring next year those going to Games Day this year…

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The Heralds

08/20/2012 1 comment

For this week’s Miniature Monday I’d like to share my first attempt at the colour scheme for my Chaos Space Marine army that’s provisionally called The Heralds of Woe. You can more information on their (still very draft) background in my first ever post.

I have a couple of half built squads, a Terminator Lord and a Dreadnought and Predator that are halfway through conversions. All unfortunately unpainted but the pending release of Dark Vengeance has prompted me to pull my finger out and get something ready for my inevitable purchase(s).



I’m more or less happy with it but I think I overdid the black ink glaze, so I think I’ll knock up a couple more trial models before I start on the good stuff.

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The Wargaming Monkey

Thanks to the fine gentlemen at Army Painter, I recently got my hands on their new range of Warpaints and their starter set. With this new range, Army Painter are offering a 100% match to their current range of sprays as well as dropper bottle variants of their shades. I have been using their sprays for a while and in particular their Pure Red which has formed the basis of my Blood Angel army.

The starter set itself comes with 7 basic colour paints, 1 metallic and a dark tone shade as well as 1 army painter brush. One thing I noticed when unboxing was that the colouring on the box is drastically different from the actual paints which can be a bit confusing when eyeing these up in the shops.

The paints themselves come in the standard 18ml dropper bottles that are common with Vallejo paints. The bottles also…

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