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The most important part of a wargamer’s arsenal

08/05/2012 2 comments

Today I’d like to write about what is hands down the most important part of a wargamer’s life.  It’s not one’s own dice (although this article makes a very decent defence), nor is it an inexhaustible supply of Devlan Mud, it’s not even that lucky infantry model that must be in your army no matter its tactical worth.

Rather, the most important part of a wargamer’s life is a loving partner.

Unlike many people in The Real World, our partners understand us.  They may not share our interest in little soldiers but they accept that part of us, they let us occupy the main room for hours at a time while our homes’ largest table becomes a bitterly contested warzone, they (usually) don’t mind if you stay up into the small hours carefully painting highlights onto power armour and they accept that we would far rather have a lovely miniature for Christmas rather than a CD or book.  Some of us have even been provided with new future opponents.

Indeed, it’s possible that I would not have got back into the hobby if it weren’t for my wife.  For my 29th birthday, Becky got me a £50 GW voucher which I used to help me pick up the 5th edition Warhammer 40K rulebook, the Imperial Guard Codex and a squad of Cadians.  I’ve never looked back since.

Indeed, when we married less than a year later, Becky suggested that I create Chaos Spawn wedding cake toppers for the ceremony.

In short, I wouldn’t be the man I am, no less the wargamer I am, without Becky’s love and support and I’m sure that others feel the same way about their better halves.  Our partners bring out the best of us, cherish them.

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In Remembrance – The Shell Case Forum

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Today, The Shell Case’s Phil announced the closure of The Shell Case Forum.  I completely understand and sympathise with Phil’s reasons for this and I’d like to pay tribute to both him and the forum for all it’s done for the wargaming community, the member were to a person, friendly, helpful and committed wargamers.  No matter your particular interest, there you could fine like-minded souls to share your passions and encourage you to improve your skills be they gaming, painting, modelling or writing.  This forum will be missed.


But all is not lost, as many of you know the Shell Case is so much more than just a forum, there is its fantastic and professional website and the ever-growing Shell Case Alliance of which this humble blog is a member.  If you have your own blog and have not joined then please consider doing so, you won’t regret it.