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Latest 40K Boxed Set Rumours

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Latest 6th edition box set rumours, apparently called ” Dark Vengeance” have been circulating the web of late and being a caring soul I’ve thoroughly ripped off several sites assembled the latest info for you below.


10 Chaos Cultist models, 8x auto-guns
-leader w/ shotgun & CC weapon
-heavy stubber cultist

10 Chaos Cultist models, 8x auto-pistol & CC
-leader w/ 2x CC weapons
-flamer cultist

Cultists in rags, with metal half-masks and
improvised cobbled-together weapons.

6 Chosen Chaos Marines
-Multiple power weapons, (maul, fist, chainaxe,

Chaos Lord
Plasma Pistol, power sword

Multi-melta, powerfist

Appears as an oversized “terminator suit” that is Chaos Marine operated.

Dark Angels:

Tactical Squad bolter x7
-Sergeant w/ plasma pistol & chainsword
-plasma cannon

Terminators x5
-Sergeant w/powersword & stormbolter
-Assault cannon & chainfist

Ravenwing Bikers x3

Company Master Balthasar w/power sword

Librarian w/force sword

Interrogator Chaplain

You can read more here.

Terrain on the cheap

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Over on Bell of Lost Souls they have a great article about how to make your own cheap terrain, you can read it here.

I have to say that the article made me feel incredibly nostalgic. Back when I stared gaming there really was no such thing as bespoke terrain, at least not for 28mm games. We had to make do.

I remember cutting the bottoms off two litre cola bottles, painting them grey and using them as futuristic bunkers. Likewise, cut up pan scourers glued to card make effect (but well trimmed, for war zones) hedges.

At my most desperate I cut some card into wide strips, painted it blue and used it as a river! I think I still have that somewhere actually.

That said, there’s something special about making one’s own terrain. I think it’s a vital skill that all wargamers ought to invest some time into learning because I feel that your terrain says as much about you as your painted armies.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. I’m off to root through our recycling bin for useful stuff…

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