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Latest 40K Boxed Set Rumours

Latest 6th edition box set rumours, apparently called ” Dark Vengeance” have been circulating the web of late and being a caring soul I’ve thoroughly ripped off several sites assembled the latest info for you below.


10 Chaos Cultist models, 8x auto-guns
-leader w/ shotgun & CC weapon
-heavy stubber cultist

10 Chaos Cultist models, 8x auto-pistol & CC
-leader w/ 2x CC weapons
-flamer cultist

Cultists in rags, with metal half-masks and
improvised cobbled-together weapons.

6 Chosen Chaos Marines
-Multiple power weapons, (maul, fist, chainaxe,

Chaos Lord
Plasma Pistol, power sword

Multi-melta, powerfist

Appears as an oversized “terminator suit” that is Chaos Marine operated.

Dark Angels:

Tactical Squad bolter x7
-Sergeant w/ plasma pistol & chainsword
-plasma cannon

Terminators x5
-Sergeant w/powersword & stormbolter
-Assault cannon & chainfist

Ravenwing Bikers x3

Company Master Balthasar w/power sword

Librarian w/force sword

Interrogator Chaplain

You can read more here.

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