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Interview with Alessio Cavatore

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Strictly Come Wargaming have scored an interview with the genius that is Alessio Cavatore, you can read it here.

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I like, I like a lot!

The Wargaming Bear

Over on Graven Games they have a very cool little article showing the building of a pre-hersey stormbird and it looks awesome I think you will agree;

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Phil from The Shell Case has put together a damn fine review. I’m incredibly tempted to give this game a go if I can find the time, money and players.


That’s right, it’s finally that time. I didn’t want to rush this as I’d already been lucky enough to play test the game and had penned a first look review that can be found here.

So for those that have been living in a cave/under a rock/on Mars/in the long lost city of Atlantis (delete as appropriate), Dropzone Commander is a 10mm sci-fi game set in the distant future in which humanity has been forced to abandon Earth and her core colonies (known as the Cradle Worlds) after an alien race known as The Scourge invades.

Skip forward a couple of centuries and humanity is ready for some payback. Add into the mix the mysterious Shaltari and the Post Human Republic – a human faction that heeded the warning of the Scourge’s coming from an advanced alien device and fled to a distant world only to return altered. And…

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