Us northern Brits are (sometimes unjustly) renowned for our… extreme measures when it comes to saving a bob or two.

That said, I think The Bear’s on to a winner here.

The Wargaming Bear

As some of you may have noticed on twitter my #miniaturemonday for this week was a lot of paper buildings that I will be using for Dropzone Commander once I have received my minis.

Now these were freely available on the DZC website HERE, the creative juices have been bubbling along so expect soon some Pringle tubes looking suspiciously like the gherkin in London 😀

Now all this has had me thinking about using more paper terrain. Having played around with this sort of terrain on and off before I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you all.

First of all only build using paper as a test for something especially if it looks like a pain (some of the crazy shaped pieces are not just cubes you built in school).

Some people print straight onto card I do not do this for a couple of reasons;

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