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Phil over at The Shell Case has written down some thoughts on the 6th ed.


It may surprise some to read that I won’t be doing a full review of 6th edition Warhammer 40,000. There’s two reasons for this.

1. There’s been no shortage of full reviews

2. I’ve been playing 40k for over 20 years and I honestly can’t be bothered.Plus the rules are established well enough that seasoned gamers will know the basics and my embittered ramblings are not for the novice.

Instead what I’d rather is focus on some of the big changes in the game and what it’ll mean to the average gamer. I have every confidence that they’ll be wildly unpopular but that’s never stopped me before…

At its heart, 40k is still the same game it’s been since 3rd edition. Everything still moves a base of 6 inches. Ranged weapons still have AP and power fists are still the proverbial two-edged sword.

One of the biggest changes…

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Lost in The Warp

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As you can probably see, much to my frustration this blog’s not been that active in September.

Mainly this was because I’ve been putting in far too many hours at work due to a number of boring Real Life reasons (Autumn Budget Review, Non-Current Asset Register amalgamations etc); normally this would not stop me inflicting my mundane and petty ramblings on you, dear reader, however during the precious moments I’ve had away from my desk I’ve actually been doing things far more useful.

I’ve actually been hobbying!

Yes, I know it’s strange but after my recent lament about losing my way I’ve actually found it again!  Over the past few weeks I’ve been mainly working on getting my long suffering Chaos Marine project up to speed in time for the new codex, my kitbashed dreadnought (Project: Audrey if you follow me on Twitter) is at the painting stage, I have a couple more squads built and undercoated and my bike squad is coming along nicely.  I’ve also been working on their background, it’s in draft form but I’m waiting to see if there are any fluff changes in the new codex before I put it to bed.

I’ve also been slowly chipping away at the massive backlog of Bretonnian and Dark Eldar minis, while they’re not as far on as the Chaos stuff it’s still encouraging to see a bit more progress every time I put down my paint brushes.

In short, I’m back and I look forward to inflicting more articles and finished projects on you in the near future 😀

Trenchmates – Living With A #Warmonger by Alex Wilkinson

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This edition of Trenchmates is written by Alex Wilkinson, the wife/keeper of Miniature Musings of A Bear’s Doc Bungle (aka Dave). The Bear has already told me that all of what’s below is lies but I’ll leave you, dear reader, to be the judge of that 😉 Take it away,Alex.


When I met my now husband he was already a closet gamer.

Now more than ten years later, I know more than I ever thought I would. More than I really want to know. (He is most certainly not a closet gamer any more!).

Regrettably, I must admit that I wouldn’t change this about him. I just wish it didn’t take over my house. Trees were once made “Only one or two trees, love! Honest!” I think he made a hundred, it certainly felt that way! I was climbing over them for what felt like weeks!

I once (many moons ago) tried to show an interest in this hobby/ lifestyle (delete as appropriate). For my troubles, I got left undercoating a big bird like model in black. Meanwhile bear buggered off and did something else entirely. That wasn’t exactly the show of couple unity that I had thought would happen. I most certainly never offered to help again! Once burned and all that.

I often find myself listening to his ramblings about models, currently this is a lot about a split colour scheme on models (hard work in my opinion). Selling armies to buy new models (Skaven, to someone local to us, and so no trip to the post office with a pram and oversized box, sounds good to me!). Debating the merits of new factions vs building bigger current factions and lending my brother (yes, he got my brother involved too) his grey paint as he uses it more than he thought.

Thinking back when I first found out about ‘the small people’ I wasn’t too concerned. I think I had already fallen but I admit I didn’t realise the full extent of this hobby. At least I know what would be removed from a burning house first .Daughter, then toys. Me? I’m on my own

The latest discussion is that Bear will ‘find’ some cheap models and poster paint so she can join in (when she’s old enough).He’s on clean up for that then, think I will slink off for a bath with a book and a glass of wine and let them get on with it!


Thanks Alex for a fantastic insight into what it’s like living with one of us Warmongers, it certainly makes me all the more appreciate my wife’s tolerance of the hobby. One can’t help thinking that a #WarmongerWiddow(er) support group will inevitably form…

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I really should get my lazy arse in gear and actually get a couple of these since aside from an ancient GW case my armies are still transported in shoeboxes stuffed with toilet tissue!


I think it’s fair to say I like reviewing things. I’ve done dozens of them over the last year and a bit for games and models of varying types. I’ve even reviewed a couple of games and the odd film. But I’ve never done figure storage.

Figure cases are a funny thing and, like scenery, are often considered to be something gamers have to purchase rather than something they want to purchase. This has always been true of me growing up with Games Workshop games and only, at the time, being aware of Games Workshop cases which meant £36 on something big bulky and inflexible. In GW’s defence their figure storage system has become a little bit more flexible but a lot a lot more expensive.

Enter KR Multicase. Now Daryl Elms, aside from being a bloody nice chap, is rather clever. Originally an engineer he’s got, to coin…

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My Glamourous Assistant

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I’ve not managed to get as much hobby done thus far this weekend, despite what my wallet thinks.

At least however I now have an assistant…


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This month’s Shell Case Shorts is extra special for me as the prize is a signed copy of the utterly awesome Gruntz 15mm written by Robin Fitton, an honoured member or the wargaming community and all round top bloke.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Gruntz v1 a while back and loved it and I’m really excited that it’s coming out in print. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is the following:

Rules are as follows:

Entrants have two writing options.

1, Write a single short story of between 2,000 & 3,000 words set in any established wargaming IP.


2. Write a pair of short stories of 1500 words the second following on from the first set in any established wargaming IP.

Your work is your own but intellectual property rests squarely with the companies in question and is only used under fair…

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