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I really should get my lazy arse in gear and actually get a couple of these since aside from an ancient GW case my armies are still transported in shoeboxes stuffed with toilet tissue!


I think it’s fair to say I like reviewing things. I’ve done dozens of them over the last year and a bit for games and models of varying types. I’ve even reviewed a couple of games and the odd film. But I’ve never done figure storage.

Figure cases are a funny thing and, like scenery, are often considered to be something gamers have to purchase rather than something they want to purchase. This has always been true of me growing up with Games Workshop games and only, at the time, being aware of Games Workshop cases which meant £36 on something big bulky and inflexible. In GW’s defence their figure storage system has become a little bit more flexible but a lot a lot more expensive.

Enter KR Multicase. Now Daryl Elms, aside from being a bloody nice chap, is rather clever. Originally an engineer he’s got, to coin…

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