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On Monday I wrote a post reflecting on some of the rule changes in the latest for the 6th edition Warhammer 40,000 which was remarkably well-timed as last night I played a 1500 point game with Jeremy of The Chaps.

Knowing roughly what Jeremy would take I took a straight 5th Company force determined to give the rules a proper shake down with a mixture of tactical squads, an assault squad and a single Razorback, albeit armed with twin-linked assault cannons.

The first thing that became apparent is that vehicles are exactly as flimsy as I suspected. Jeremy got the first turn and moved his Predator forward to persecute a tactical squad holed up in a building. Snap Fire meant that his sponson weapons were all but ineffective but at least he got to fire them which I suppose is something. He didn’t hit anything mind. I moved my Razorback…

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