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For all you chaps and chapesses in the Edinburgh area.

I really should get myself along, especially seeing as I only live a 30 minute walk away!


The new Events Co-ordinator has been ‘sworn in’ and has a cut-throat crew of helpers. We’re having a wee meeting tomorrow night to determine the direction of internal campaigns, hosting tournament, and generally plotting other events for your delectation.

So far there are some stalwart tournaments with Forgotten Heroes (WFB) again in 2013, Counter-Attack! (40k) making a comeback and internally we’ll see more Blood Bowl leagues & cups, along with a Tale of Gamers (WFB). Warmachine/Hordes will be represented, but in what formats? (A return of the September Smash tournament is highly likely.) We will most definately reprise the boardgames night – possibly twice. And there are some noises about The Lord of the Rings (finally!).

This is where we need you.

It’s your club, so what do you want to run (or want to be run?): campaigns, tournaments, or events… simply email events [at] elgamers [dot] org and let…

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Fluff and the art of writing army lists

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Over on The Mossop there’s an interesting article about balancing fluff and competitive army lists, you can read it here.

I definitely lean towards the latter category, and not just because I have the tactical nous of soggy toast…

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