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One Year Old

It’s true, and I for one can scarce believe it!

Yes, on the 24th of October 2011 I finally got my finger out and started a blog.  And what a year it’s been.

This blog started from some very humble beginnings, all I wanted to do was recount my thoughts and views on the hobby I love and show off some finished miniatures as and when I found the time to finish a project.  However over the past year this has grown beyond my wildest dreams.

I’ve found that as my confidence as a wargaming blogger as grown, so has my confidence as a wargamer.  I’ve finally taken the plunge and not only started a Warhammer army but have also got involved in an excellent narrative campaign, The Rock in The Badlands.

I’ve finally let go of the stranglehold the God-Emperor had on my soul and have got my long-dormant Dark Eldar army into a battle ready state (not that they’ve yet been that successful, but then again neither are my Guard).  I’m also in the process of getting the Chaos Space Marine force I started almost ten years ago into shape.

Moreover, I’ve developed creatively.  I finally managed to write down the first part of the history of my Imperial Guard army and this remains one of the posts of which I am most proud,  I’m currently putting the finishing touches to my Chaos Marine Force’s background and hope to have this published within the next week or so.

However, despite all this I am most pleased with my Trenchmates feature.  We are a community and many don’t have the time or inclination to blog so it’s a real privilege to help others play their part.

And on that subject it’s only right that I thank all those who have helped and encouraged me to start and keep blogging from the members of The Shell Case Alliance to the Twitter #Warmongers, my local gaming friends, my wonderful (and understanding) wife, and most of all to you, the reader.  I can’t promise you quality or consistency however I will always try my best.


On that note I think I’ll leave it there for now.  Thanks for reading.



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