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Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion (work in progress)

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Due to my own spectacular incompetence I managed to get sweet FA done hobby wise this weekend. However, this evening I made a bit of progress with one of my Aspiring Champions.


It still needs a lot of work but hopefully you can see what I’m aiming for.

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Finally an answer to the age old (well, 25ish year old) question of who is the biggest, baddest, Space Marine Daddy of them all’

The Wargaming Bear

Simply this is some Primarch on Primarch action in which we see which of the original 4 traitors is the daddy. So let’s do this 😉

But first the set-up, it is going to be gladiator style so no charging bonuses, no ‘It Will Not Die’ rolls once you take a wound it stays there! Basically it will be who can hit hardest but maybe not the quickest! It will be a round-robin set-up so each Primarch will fight the 3 other Primarchs, there are to be no bending of the result the dice will decide the winners of each round. Once all matches have taken place hopefully we will see an out-and-out winner but if not I may do some sort of sudden death scenario 🙂

So let’s get started, but first some music…..

Fulgrim VS Mortarion

The first match in this will be the ‘Prefect of Perfect’ Fulgrim…

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