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Always meant to enter this, I even started a couple of stories but they weren’t of the calibre of the winners. Well done to all, and especially congratulations to Phil for running this project.


Yes, it’s finally that time. A year on from when I ran a short story competition for a bit of fun, I’m pleased and proud to make the Shell Case Shorts Anthology available to download. The collected winning entries from the 12 competitions, plus an honourable mention or two and a little story of my own have all been made available in handy-dandy PDF format.

A massive thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to all the winners. And a special thank you to the awesome Gav Thorpe for writing an introduction.

The Anthology is completely free to download by clicking the image below. The file is a little big so give it a minute to load.


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Bretonnian Knights of The Realm WIP

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I change of pace for me this week as I’m taking part in a six player, two sided Warhammer Fantasy battle next weekend.

Unfortunately I’ll never have all 1,750 points fully painted but provided I can get these knights finished for next Sunday I’ll be a happy man.



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Today I had my first decent hobby session of the year. I made a start on one of the gifts my lovely wife got me for Christmas.


Not a bad start, hopefully I’ll have it finished this weekend.

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Phil over at The Shell Case has made some excellent points. Hopefully GW can become more customer-focused again.


I’ve been musing to myself recently that there has been a noticeable slip in quality from Games Workshop lately. Partly in terms of customer service in some stores – this is anecdotal evidence from various sources, the over emphasis on service towards younger gamers, the poor production standards of the White Dwarf – with fold outs not being properly cut, or not cut at all – and books rife with typos and inconsistencies. This is all after a drop in customers and annual inflation busting increase in prices – which is a traditional and short-sighted reaction to a drop off in trade to artificially inflate the profits of the company, increasing its worth and keeping share holders happy. All the while not tackling the problem.

Which is the customers with disposable income are being driven away by high prices, poor service, indifference, no community support an over emphasis on younger gamers –…

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Simpsons Marines

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My friend and Warmonger-in-waiting (once he gets over his Twitter hatred) Tim sent this link to me, enjoy!