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Next up, Codex Space Marines?

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In their regular rumour roundup, Bell of Lost Souls discuss reports that everyone’s favourite post-human super soldiers may have unceremoniously jumped ahead of the Eldar in the release queue.

Is this hot air, or can there be some substance to this? Certainly it’s inevitable that the favoured sons of the Emperor will be receive a refresh at least within the first half of the sixth edition’s life cycle so in many ways now’s as good a time as ever but I must say that I’d rather the Orks and Eldar get some love first as their codexes are certainly older.

That said, it’s undeniable that marines are the most popular army and certainly have been put at a slight disadvantage rules-wise compared to the Dark Angels and Chaos Marines. It would also be a guaranteed big seller and since GW’s financial year runs June to May this will certainly enhance their Q1 results.

Most tellingly though is the imminent release of the new Apocalypse ruleset, along with what looks like the long-anticipated plastic Thunderhawk, having a shiny new codex to take full advantage of this would certainly be of benefit.

Finally, such a move would hopefully determine the fate of the Black Templars. There have been conflicting rumours for that seems like forever that they might be re-absorbed back into the core marine codex and it would be good to finally lay these rumours to rest.

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*gibber* My Chaos Marines MUST HAVE THIS…



Regular readers will know that I’ve been in the Wargaming hobby for a long time. 24 years this May as it goes. And one thing that I and everyone from back then lusted after most (as a life long Space Marine fan) is a Thunderhawk gunship. Back then it was metal, cost a fortune, came in an awesome fire branded box, weighed a tonne and had four steel pins that ran the length of the body to stop it from collapsing in on itself.

Regular readers will also know that for two years, ten years ago, I was a GW member of staff in a couple of stores on the South Coast. And back then in what I like to call the Golden Age of Games Workshop or the Age of Enlightenment, there was talk of a plastic Thunderhawk gunship. And when I say talk I mean it was something…

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Imperial Bastion – WIP

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While I won’t inflict on you, dear reader, a daily progress update as I did for my Chaos Rhino, I thought I’d provide a quick update regarding the Imperial Bastion I started on Sunday.


I wasn’t able to do much throughout the week, only managing to spray on the Mechanicus Standard Grey basecoat before this evening. I’m trying to replicate the colour scheme I used for my Wall of Martyrs Bunker but this time circumstances require me to use nothing but the new range of Citadel paints. Still, thus far I think it’s looking ok and I hope to have it (and more) finished by the end of the Easter long weekend.

Bowled Over

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I’m sorry, couldn’t resist.  But if this is right then I’m one very happy gamer for today I noticed that rumours have resurfaced that a new iteration of Blood Bowl may well be GW’s 2013 Mystery Box.

This is potentially awesome news, especially if it comes with the hinted CAD-designed plastic pitch.  My one reservation is that it will be a limited release along the lines of Dreadfleet and Space Hulk, but there’s no way GW will be that stupid…


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I’d love to go to this, it’s such a shame it’s so far south. If you’re nearby why don’t you pop along?

The Wargaming Bear

You can read the whole thing HERE.

But for the lazy here is the important bits like cake!!

Some of you already know that myself and my other half, Beth, are running the Virgin London Marathon for the fantastic Multiple Sclerosis UK. The training is going really well (even if my legs are screaming at me right now after our third 20 miler last night!) and we’re raring to go on April 21st.
MS-UK are a brilliant charity, very local to us and the work they do by giving support to those with MS is a brilliant example of the impact that well-organised, dedicated and bloody hard-working charitable organisations can have.

What am I doing?

Well, this is a question I often ask myself in a different context, but right here, right now I’m raising money for MS-UK, in support of my sponsorship for the London marathon, by having a charity…

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For The Greater Good?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or seemingly 99% of the UK that’s regressed to the middle ages thanks to a smattering of snow) you’ll know that the Tau are set for a long-overdue makeover.  Today this popped up on GW’s main site:

Seems like pre-orders are going up this weekend but, to be honest I’m really not that bothered.

I think this is down to a couple of factors.  The easiest to analyse is noting more than plain fatigue; GW have had a major release in each of the last eight or so months and it’s getting a bit much, it also doesn’t give anyone one release time to bed in before… oh look, more shiny!

Secondly, while I appreciate the place in the fluff that the Tau occupies, I just can’t really get that excited about them.  It’s always seemed to me that the Tau were simply a blunt attempt to incorporate the Zeitgeisty manga big robot look that was so popular at the end of the nineties into an established universe simply to shift more units.  Games Workshop can hardly be accused of being original as to their inspiration and have on more than a few occasions produced certain models which barely comply with copyright laws (*cough* Doomrider *cough*) but the aesthetic of the Tau seems just too cynical for even me to stomach.

Of course, you can read this as me getting my excuses in early before I have my sweet arse handed to me by the new Tau armies which will inevitably spring up in the coming months.  I for one however, won’t be buying one.

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New Projects!

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Even though I promised myself I’d get my Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour done this weekend, the thought of painting more blue didn’t really appeal. Fortunately I have a few boxes of stuff I got at Christmas still unassembled so I decided to make a start on my first Imperial Bastion and some Khorne Berserkers.


The Bastion took a lot longer to build than I’d anticipated so I was only able to undercoat it. Luckily I was able to make a bit more progress with the Khornate infantry.


I based them with (surprise, surprise) Khone Red before washing with Carroburg Crimson. I’m thinking about edging with Screaming Bell then glazing with Nuln Oil. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

Chaos Space Marine Rhino: Finished!

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It’s done! I wasn’t able to get much done over the weekend but I had the day off work today so I got cracking and finished the job.





I really enjoyed painting this model and I can’t wait to do more. Next however I’m setting my sights on a smaller but far more important model, my army general. Here’s a quick preview.


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Looks like the fishing season’s about to open…


Well another new release and another set of shoddy photos taken by someone who got their hands on a White Dwarf before anyone else.

I did actually spot these at around 3am whilst trying to get the baby to settle but I didn’t think the wife would appreciate me pausing to blog about it…

This time it’s the Tau and huzzah, some new models. However, my worst fears have been realised; the Crisis Suits and Fire Warriors have not been replaced. So the two main units of the army remain dated and uninspiring which is an absolute crime. The Pathfinders and the Broadsides have had an update though.

The Riptide, yes it does say £50, is a fucking great mech, so that’s a win. A big one. With big guns.


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Chaos Space Marine Rhino: Day 4

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Today the model really started to come together as I was able to paint the gunner to a point where I could attach it to the hull.


I was also able to get a bit more of the detailing done but there’s still a lot to do but I think there’s a good chance I’ll get it done this weekend.