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For The Greater Good?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or seemingly 99% of the UK that’s regressed to the middle ages thanks to a smattering of snow) you’ll know that the Tau are set for a long-overdue makeover.  Today this popped up on GW’s main site:

Seems like pre-orders are going up this weekend but, to be honest I’m really not that bothered.

I think this is down to a couple of factors.  The easiest to analyse is noting more than plain fatigue; GW have had a major release in each of the last eight or so months and it’s getting a bit much, it also doesn’t give anyone one release time to bed in before… oh look, more shiny!

Secondly, while I appreciate the place in the fluff that the Tau occupies, I just can’t really get that excited about them.  It’s always seemed to me that the Tau were simply a blunt attempt to incorporate the Zeitgeisty manga big robot look that was so popular at the end of the nineties into an established universe simply to shift more units.  Games Workshop can hardly be accused of being original as to their inspiration and have on more than a few occasions produced certain models which barely comply with copyright laws (*cough* Doomrider *cough*) but the aesthetic of the Tau seems just too cynical for even me to stomach.

Of course, you can read this as me getting my excuses in early before I have my sweet arse handed to me by the new Tau armies which will inevitably spring up in the coming months.  I for one however, won’t be buying one.

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