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40k 40k Acronyms

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As a gentleman of a similar vintage to The Bear, I find this list most helpful 🙂

The Wargaming Bear

I like many can get swapped by the level of acronyms that are flying around the internet, just cant keep up in my old age 😉

So it is with a huge thanks to 3++ is the new black guys  that now have nearly if not all the popular ones in one place.

So I have borrowed the general rules ones below for my readership but if you want the army specific ones you will need to follow the link..

Back-to-Basics: 6th edition 40k Acronyms.

#+ – model’s save value
#++ – model’s invulnerable save value
ATSKNF – And They Shall Know No Fear
AV – Armor Value
B2B/BTB – Base to base (contact)
BRB/BYB – Big Rule/Yellow Book
Dakka/Torrent lots of shots
FC – Furious Charge
FNP – Feel No Pain
FMC Flying Monstrous Creature
GEQ – Guardsmen Equivalent…

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