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For the Greater Grot

Love this idea.

I especially like the idea of Grots riding drones into battle, preferably with an a Capella version of Ride of The Valkyries sung by Gremlins blaring 🙂

Miniature Musings of a Bear

So I have been thinking of a little project just for a play converting. With the idea of me enhancing if only a little my plasticard and green stuffing skills if only a little.

So sat round with my wargaming mates we started throwing ideas a round after a game as you do and with one of them restarting his Tau. The idea of adding some allies to my Orks started to emerge, now I know sometimes count-as armies are grumbled at for various reasons but I though I would share a pretty decent article I stumbled across funnily enough on a Tau blog LINK.

So as this idea started to sprout, I started to have a look round the internet for inspiration and below is some of the things I have found.

A trukk/devilfish have mated o_O taken from dakkadakka LINKY

More from dakkadakka a piranhaaaa

Then I came…

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  1. 04/30/2013 at 14:17

    I do have the odd good idea or a good odd idea not sure which

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