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Music from The 41st Millennium

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Gleefully stolen from Bell of Lost Souls.  Matters are made somewhat clearer if you turn on the subtitles…

The curious fate of

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Way back in the dim and distant past when this blog was young, I wrote about a website which had the noble aim of connecting like-minded gamers.  All you needed to do was create a profile and list what you were interested in playing, be it tabletop, RPG or those new fangled ‘video games’ and you could search for others by game and geographic location.

Here’s what the website looks like now:

Need Gamers JP

Or, if Google Chorme’s translate function is to be believed:

Need Gamers EN

I think it’s fair to say that the site has been somewhat repurposed but in all seriousness why did it fail?  Now, had I any actual investigative skills I’d have tried to track down the former site admins and ask them that very question but since it’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m still in my dressing gown I’d rather throw in my own feelings on the matter.

1) It was too ambitious.  Trying to capture the attention of all different types of game and gamer is a gargantuan endeavour, the resources required are not ordinarily within the reach of internet startups these days.

2) There was little or no user verification.  Virtually all the private messages I received were from spambots, this was what led me to deactivate my account only a few months after I created it.

3) During the time I had an account I made no new contacts, all the people on there I linked to I already knew from either the Real World or through other sites, mainly Twitter.  This brings me on to the most important point.

4) The site only replicated, poorly, so many other means of communication.  All consoles come with their own well established online communities and PC games likewise do all the hard work for you.  Likewise, tabletop and RPGs are well served by a plethora of sites, a vibrant Twitter community, local gaming stores and clubs.


Of course the real reasons might be completely different, although somehow I doubt it.  So does this mean that there’s no room for new sites like this?  I’m not too sure but if there is it will have to evolve out of an existing, unfulfilled, need and right now I can’t see what this is.

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More Eldar Images Leaked

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Two more little gems for you from the up coming White Dwarf of new Eldar stuff. Wraithblades and the new Eldar flyer, the name of which escapes me. I’m not convinced by the distinctly human design of the flyer. Looks a little bit like the Eurofighter in Space…


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Rise, Sons of Khaine

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Well, this was unexpected…


I guess this means pre-orders this Saturday (May 25th) for a release the following weekend.  I might pick the book up since the limp-wristed point-eared frackwits* were my second proper army back in the dim and distant days of the second edition but I don’t think I’ll be starting yet another new army just yet.


*Name the book and character quoted for a special prize!**




**Prize is bragging rights and a fuzzy sense of satisfaction.

Eldar Wraithknight – WD image leaked

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It’s been somewhat quite on the Ramblings front of late so I’d thought I’ll get back in to the swing of things by reposting this image that appear on Warseer a few hours ago.



Not too sure what to make of this, I was hoping for something a bit more wraithboney but I’m sure it’ll still sell like hotcakes.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Review

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The Wargaming Bear

It has been a while since I have done a review so to get back into the swing of things here is, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet (miniature star trekking battles).

Produced by Mongoose Publishing, it is as you can probably gather based on big space ships shooting each other.


Its star trek universe a pretty rich format to use. Go watch the TV series/film or read the books etc. For those born under a rock the good people at MP also include in the rulebook a brief history of the factions they have miniatures for (which is handy for those that have only dealt with the screen versions of the universe).


So not only do we get some rules for pretending to be Kirk (he was the best remember) we also get to try our hand at several other ship types.

And they all look…

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Fulgrim – First Confirmed Picture

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Shamelessly stolen from the Bell of Lost Souls forum, here’s the first confirmed picture of everyone’s favourite post-human deviant.


I really wish I were going to the HH Weekender as I’d love to get my hands on one of those Davinite priests for my Chaos army.