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Leaked Khorne Bloodknight

06/02/2013 1 comment

Merciful Zeus!

I must have three.


Holy. Shit.


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Chaos Predator – WIP

06/02/2013 Leave a comment

And back to my tanks 🙂




I started this well over a month ago but I put it on hold as I was getting sick of painting blue.  Don’t think I’ll have it done for this week’s Miniature Monday but with a bit of luck I’ll have it done sometime this week.

Khârn The Betrayer

06/02/2013 1 comment

Somewhat later than I’d anticipated but I’ve finally finished Khârn.



As is clear, I stuck fairly close to the classic Khârn look but darkened the tone slightly to fit with my Berserkers.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting this chap, I’m really looking forward to adding more of his mates to my army.