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swearing in public

Now this is a bloody good idea. Not sure how I’ll be able to get a further 1,000 of anything done between now and the 29th but I’ll try my best!

Of Orks, and Ogres

Ok so I was at my local GW store over the week-end looking for a game or three.  I noticed they where having a painting challenge.  The idea is to have 1000 points of unfinished models painted and based by the end of the month.  You declared your intent by writing your oath on a purity seal which the staff then stuck on the door. No prizes just a bit of motivational fun.  

So I put my name down and declared I will have 1000 points of Dark Angles (Guardians of the covenant) painted and based by June 29. 



More in this later.  

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  1. empecee
    06/18/2013 at 04:15

    Thanks for the reblog. The good thing about having a deadline is that i’ve actualy decided to finnish whole squads and not have an army in different stages of undress (so to speak).

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