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Digital vs Analogue

06/27/2013 1 comment

Sixeleven’s right on the money here. Plus, there’s something just special about a physical library of books. We should cherish them.


I love technology. I love the pace at which technology is developing. I love all the weird and bizarre gizmos and apps that are becoming available by the week. I’m certain I can find some kind of techno-wizardry that would help in every aspect of my life if I looked hard enough. Yet, for one of my favourite hobbies, I find myself shunning the digital way and yearning for the good old fashioned bookin my hands with which I can flick through faster than you can say ‘I’m sure I saw that rule around here somewhere’.

It would be easy to say that this is because of all of the most obvious failings of a digital product; making sure your tablet/phone is charged up, harder to flick through, the expense of a tablet, the lack of a physical product to hold and feel etc. but I don’t think…

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