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Mutated Marines – WIP

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Prepare yourself for another dodgy photo but since it’s #WIPWednesday (is that a thing now?) here’s how far I’ve got with my mutated marines.



I’ve only been able to add the first layer of basecoat (Macragge Blue) to them and there’s obviously still a heck of a lot of work left to do but at least you can get a better look at the various mutations they all have.  Hopefully my next post won’t be nearly as dull 🙂

Dark Heresy 2.0 Announced

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Fantasy Flight Games have announced a revised version of their original 40K RPG. Plus, for a modest sum, you can download a PDF of the beta rules then have the cost offset against the purchase price of the finished version.

The new version will be set in the Askellon Sector, which is described as:

An ancient region, pre-dating the Imperium itself, and its history is filled with secrets and lies that have stained every generation. As if to compound its woes, the sector is cursed with a seemingly unending Warp storm known as the Pandaemonium that waxes and wanes across the millennia. With each passing century it grows ever more intense and dangerous, raging like a hungry beast that seeks to devour the entire sector.

Askellon is a major part of this new edition, as it allows for the exploration of entire new cultures and peoples, and also introduces new adversaries. Within the sector, players will see a host of new characters, organisations, cults, and more to ensure their Acolytes have no shortage of heresies to investigate and eradicate.

As well as a new playground, we will see many changes to the game, such as:

– Streamlined skills that can be used with more than a single characteristic.

– Fast and fun character creation, with exciting variety through combinations of home worlds, backgrounds, and roles for almost endless roleplaying possibilities.

– Play as an Acolyte or as an Inquisitor!

– New rules for psychic powers, with each discipline gaining its own unique psychic phenomena table.

– Talent trees that visually help players plan their character’s progression.

– Combat mechanics that give more tactical flexibility and control over performing actions.

– Damage and wound rules that make a character’s health something more than just a number, plus lots of great (and gory!) wound effect tables.

– Vehicles and vehicle combat as an integral part of the core game.

– Easier-to-use NPCs, each with a threat rating so that Game Masters can build suitably challenging encounters.

For more information you can visit the official page here.

A Nature Documentary

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Yet more awesomeness from Sarah Cawkwell’s blog.

Sarah Cawkwell's Blog

Observe quietly as we watch the Hateful Troll in its natural environment, the internet.

It is not possible to place a sex on these usually rational creatures, because they may take either form. Nobody has ever got quite close enough to one to find out and their particular breed of camouflage – called a ‘monitor’ – means that unless you actually turn up on their doorstep, you are unlikely ever to know the truth. Rumour suggests that statistically, these Hateful Trolls are male, but there are plenty of females in the mix and females can be much nastier.

See now as the Hateful Troll ambles its way across the rolling internet savannah, searching for its next victim. Their hunting methods are strange; most of the time they seek their prey by themselves, but under the right circumstances, they form tight-knit groups, known by the decent folk of the internet as…

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The Second Coming of Chaos

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It took a bit longer than anticipated, but I’ve finally got my next wave of reinforcements built and undercoated.

IMG_5444Here we have ten Chaos Marines, all with at least one mutation, five Possessed Marines and a Chaos Marine Sorcerer.  No idea how long these will take me but I’ve promised myself I’ll not start painting my Forgefiend until they’re done so I’d better get a move on!

Mutated Chaos Space Marine WIP

07/25/2013 1 comment

After my ignominious defeat to the Corpse God’s deluded minions I’ve decided to reinforce my Chaos Marines and as I’m in the converting mood I’m going to give them all some mutations.

Here’s my first attempt.



I should have enough parts to make ten, hopefully I’ll have some completed by the end of the weekend.

In Reply…

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Another sterling and most welcome rebuttal of that idiot’s article.

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Idiot has a Pop at Wargamers

07/23/2013 1 comment

I read the article online earlier today but like The Bear I’m not going to say where as I don’t think this idiot deserves any more publicity either.

My thoughts?

I agree that he’s lilkely a Rage Quitter or something far more sad. He could be one of those who can’t fully make peace with his past. Over the course of our lives our interest can and do change, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes previously discarded interested are rekindled.

This is not a sign of weakness, immaturity, arrested development or whatever. It just is, and is completely normal. I’m a good example as I stopped wargaming when I went to university and aside from some Necromunda, Bloodbowl and role playing I didn’t start again until my late twenties after my now-wife bought me some GW vouchers for my birthday.

There are pastimes, passions and hobbies that I couldn’t give a toss about. Football is a good example as I find it dull, tedious and a waste of resources. I don’t see the appeal yet I would never denigrate another for liking it.

The author of this article has a lot of growing up to do.

The Wargaming Bear

Now I am not one to have a moan about people outside the hobby or inside for that matter.

I am happy to listen to everyone’s point of view about anything from sculpts to army lists its what makes the community so great.

But when you stumble upon someone who just wants to have a pop at a community because they have a wider audience like say a newspaper blog, it makes the blood boil.

Below is the article I haven’t linked to it as I don’t want to give him the hits. I think he is a rage quitter, who clearly has some very odd memories about something that is a lot better than drinking and fighting in the streets but there you go!!!

Some people are addicted to hardcore pornography, some to crack, some to molesting fish. Then there are those who collect thousands upon thousands of miniature…

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Chaos Space Marine Terminators

07/21/2013 1 comment

After a marathon session on Saturday I managed to finish my Terminators in time for the first deployment of my Heralds of Desolation.  While my first foray into playing with Chaos Space Marines didn’t go entirely according to plan (okay, I was wiped out to the last man in five turns) I did learn some valuable lessons, but more of which in a later blog post.  Anyway, to the models!







One of the reasons I was so keen on getting them ready, other than because it’s an established fact that terminators are cool, is that I wanted a bodyguard for my Chaos Lord.  Here they are protecting him from the deluded servants of the corpse god.


Of course, a more patient blogger would take another photograph with the rearguard not hidden behind the Lord’s trophy rack. But it’s after 21:00 on a Sunday and I really can’t be that bothered 😉

I’d love to say that their first outing heaped glory onto the dark gods, I really would.  However on their second deep strike attempt I botched the mishap table and they were lost in the warp 😦  Still, you don’t win big unless you’re prepared to loose big I tell myself.

Next time, Chant.  Next time…

…And Relax!

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That was a very productive afternoon! I don’t know how I did it but, aside from a few final touch ups and basing, these guys are done!


I’ll post some better pics when they’re properly completed but by the gods I’m chuffed with my progress this afternoon. I just wish I could always be this productive.

Tick, Tock…

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The first deployment of my Heralds of Desolation is in just over 24 hours and I only have these chaps to finish.


Wish me luck!