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A Change of Strategy

07/08/2013 1 comment

As I mentioned earlier today, I have a game in just under a fortnight.  Originally the plan was for me to finish what I started yesterday but this afternoon I realised that, while the Cultists and Forgefiend are very cool, they won’t really help me win the battle.  Luckily I had some other models primed and ready for painting so this evening I started on these chaps.



Part of the problem is that the game is only 1,500 points and since I’m playing a veteran marine general I think my Cultists would be a waste of points given my relative inexperience with Chaos Marines.  Therefore, I’ve decided to go with a smaller elite force, while this will give me little to no redundancy I think my playing style will fit it better.

There are other less tactically sound reasons too.  I love fielding fluffy, themed lists and unless I’m also deploying a Dark Apostle I feel uncomfortable using Cultists, since my evil chaplain is still on its sprue that leaves me with little option.  Also, my Chaos Lord wears Terminator Armour and he really needs a retinue fitting his status and stature.  And finally well, Chaos Terminators are just very very cool 🙂



Getting A Wiggle On

07/08/2013 1 comment

Eek! Today, during a lunchtime email exchange, I agreed to play a 1,500 40K game against my friend and Trenchmates contributor Tim in a couple of weeks’ time.

This means I’ll really have to get a move on a finish my current projects or else I’ll have to enlist the help of my Dark Eldar allies.

So, two weeks (almost, we’re playing on the 21st) to ensure that my Heralds of Desolation as sufficiently pretty to vanquish the Corpse God’s lackeys. I’m not worried, honest.