A Change of Strategy

As I mentioned earlier today, I have a game in just under a fortnight.  Originally the plan was for me to finish what I started yesterday but this afternoon I realised that, while the Cultists and Forgefiend are very cool, they won’t really help me win the battle.  Luckily I had some other models primed and ready for painting so this evening I started on these chaps.



Part of the problem is that the game is only 1,500 points and since I’m playing a veteran marine general I think my Cultists would be a waste of points given my relative inexperience with Chaos Marines.  Therefore, I’ve decided to go with a smaller elite force, while this will give me little to no redundancy I think my playing style will fit it better.

There are other less tactically sound reasons too.  I love fielding fluffy, themed lists and unless I’m also deploying a Dark Apostle I feel uncomfortable using Cultists, since my evil chaplain is still on its sprue that leaves me with little option.  Also, my Chaos Lord wears Terminator Armour and he really needs a retinue fitting his status and stature.  And finally well, Chaos Terminators are just very very cool 🙂



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