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Chaos Space Marine Terminators

After a marathon session on Saturday I managed to finish my Terminators in time for the first deployment of my Heralds of Desolation.  While my first foray into playing with Chaos Space Marines didn’t go entirely according to plan (okay, I was wiped out to the last man in five turns) I did learn some valuable lessons, but more of which in a later blog post.  Anyway, to the models!







One of the reasons I was so keen on getting them ready, other than because it’s an established fact that terminators are cool, is that I wanted a bodyguard for my Chaos Lord.  Here they are protecting him from the deluded servants of the corpse god.


Of course, a more patient blogger would take another photograph with the rearguard not hidden behind the Lord’s trophy rack. But it’s after 21:00 on a Sunday and I really can’t be that bothered 😉

I’d love to say that their first outing heaped glory onto the dark gods, I really would.  However on their second deep strike attempt I botched the mishap table and they were lost in the warp 😦  Still, you don’t win big unless you’re prepared to loose big I tell myself.

Next time, Chant.  Next time…

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