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Idiot has a Pop at Wargamers

I read the article online earlier today but like The Bear I’m not going to say where as I don’t think this idiot deserves any more publicity either.

My thoughts?

I agree that he’s lilkely a Rage Quitter or something far more sad. He could be one of those who can’t fully make peace with his past. Over the course of our lives our interest can and do change, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes previously discarded interested are rekindled.

This is not a sign of weakness, immaturity, arrested development or whatever. It just is, and is completely normal. I’m a good example as I stopped wargaming when I went to university and aside from some Necromunda, Bloodbowl and role playing I didn’t start again until my late twenties after my now-wife bought me some GW vouchers for my birthday.

There are pastimes, passions and hobbies that I couldn’t give a toss about. Football is a good example as I find it dull, tedious and a waste of resources. I don’t see the appeal yet I would never denigrate another for liking it.

The author of this article has a lot of growing up to do.

The Wargaming Bear

Now I am not one to have a moan about people outside the hobby or inside for that matter.

I am happy to listen to everyone’s point of view about anything from sculpts to army lists its what makes the community so great.

But when you stumble upon someone who just wants to have a pop at a community because they have a wider audience like say a newspaper blog, it makes the blood boil.

Below is the article I haven’t linked to it as I don’t want to give him the hits. I think he is a rage quitter, who clearly has some very odd memories about something that is a lot better than drinking and fighting in the streets but there you go!!!

Some people are addicted to hardcore pornography, some to crack, some to molesting fish. Then there are those who collect thousands upon thousands of miniature…

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