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Dark Heresy 2.0 Announced

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Fantasy Flight Games have announced a revised version of their original 40K RPG. Plus, for a modest sum, you can download a PDF of the beta rules then have the cost offset against the purchase price of the finished version.

The new version will be set in the Askellon Sector, which is described as:

An ancient region, pre-dating the Imperium itself, and its history is filled with secrets and lies that have stained every generation. As if to compound its woes, the sector is cursed with a seemingly unending Warp storm known as the Pandaemonium that waxes and wanes across the millennia. With each passing century it grows ever more intense and dangerous, raging like a hungry beast that seeks to devour the entire sector.

Askellon is a major part of this new edition, as it allows for the exploration of entire new cultures and peoples, and also introduces new adversaries. Within the sector, players will see a host of new characters, organisations, cults, and more to ensure their Acolytes have no shortage of heresies to investigate and eradicate.

As well as a new playground, we will see many changes to the game, such as:

– Streamlined skills that can be used with more than a single characteristic.

– Fast and fun character creation, with exciting variety through combinations of home worlds, backgrounds, and roles for almost endless roleplaying possibilities.

– Play as an Acolyte or as an Inquisitor!

– New rules for psychic powers, with each discipline gaining its own unique psychic phenomena table.

– Talent trees that visually help players plan their character’s progression.

– Combat mechanics that give more tactical flexibility and control over performing actions.

– Damage and wound rules that make a character’s health something more than just a number, plus lots of great (and gory!) wound effect tables.

– Vehicles and vehicle combat as an integral part of the core game.

– Easier-to-use NPCs, each with a threat rating so that Game Masters can build suitably challenging encounters.

For more information you can visit the official page here.

A Nature Documentary

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Yet more awesomeness from Sarah Cawkwell’s blog.

Sarah Cawkwell's Blog

Observe quietly as we watch the Hateful Troll in its natural environment, the internet.

It is not possible to place a sex on these usually rational creatures, because they may take either form. Nobody has ever got quite close enough to one to find out and their particular breed of camouflage – called a ‘monitor’ – means that unless you actually turn up on their doorstep, you are unlikely ever to know the truth. Rumour suggests that statistically, these Hateful Trolls are male, but there are plenty of females in the mix and females can be much nastier.

See now as the Hateful Troll ambles its way across the rolling internet savannah, searching for its next victim. Their hunting methods are strange; most of the time they seek their prey by themselves, but under the right circumstances, they form tight-knit groups, known by the decent folk of the internet as…

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