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Construction Time

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That’s my weekend sorted!


I bought this with money from eBay sales over two years ago and have added a few extra sprues since then but until now I’ve not had the time to really get started on it.

Hopefully I’ll have some work in progress pics to show soon.

This is why I’m so slow at painting…

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Codex Space Marines cover revealed

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Courtesy of Talk Wargaming, here’s the cover of the forthcoming Space Marines Codex. It also has some partially blurry photos of the chapter-specific covers.

I really like the single character portraits common to the sixth edition codices and can’t wait to see what’s next for the ‘Nids and Guard.

Let’s Talk About Abaddon

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Awesome background, I think I finally understand Abaddon. That said, there’s still no way my Chaos Marines would ever want to ally with his mob, but that’s their loss.

Aaron Dembski-Bowden

In recent months, as The Talon of Horus rolls ever onward, I’ve spilled a wealth of words on Ezekyle Abaddon and the Black Legion over emails and hastily-chucked notes to various other authors and IP-tastic souls in the dark conclave of Those Who Contribute to 40K.

This is a difficult book, not only because of the wealth of lore (much of which subtly shifts from edition to edition, meaning you need to choose what to focus on and run with that), but also because of the 40K comedy memes that do the rounds, just like in any fandom. Abaddon, however, gets hit hardest by a barrage of misunderstandings, and lore that remained fairly vague in the past. I hope you’ll forgive me for focusing on the positive and the reality behind the curtain, but I already spend long enough worrying about, and discussing, the negative perceptions. I can’t bring myself…

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Massive Codex Space Marine Q&A

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Very cool. Think I’ll make a start sooner rather than later on my Imperial Fists allied contingent.


warhammer 40000 logo

I’m not even going to pretend I had anything to do with this. It’s shamelessly robbed from someone else’s site but it covers so many questions that I had to share it despite my policy on rumours. This set of Question and Answers have come from 40k Radio and compiled by others. 40k Radio apparently have a Final Print Copy, which is very close to the finished product so the information below should be fairly accurate.

This is done in two sections, the first, is the most recent and the shortest. A previous Q&A is listed below. Basically there is just tons of information so make sure you’ve got the time to read it. Or, for those at work, doesn’t have a pressing deadline…

via 40k radio and compiled by Zion from Talkwargaming

Q: Is it true that what you guys have is an early playtest material, not the actual…

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3D Printing: The Future Is… Soonish?

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Much has been said about the advent of 3D printing,  I even ruminated on developments a year and a half ago.  Since I wrote that article technology has developed at a bewildering pace, not too long ago, Maplin started to sell the UK’s first affordable home model.  Well, almost affordable anyway.

Are we now living in an age where we can download CAD files of minis and print them off to our IP-violating hearts content?

Erm, no.

Apparently this was supposed to be the Statue of Liberty

Apparently this was supposed to be the Statue of Liberty

Today I stumbled upon an article on the BBC’s website which highlighted just how far this science has to go.  You can also go straight to the Flickr feed here.

I still think that, eventually, this technology will provide many options for the hobbyist.  However, right now all it appears to be capable of is churning out low resolution versions of minis at an eye-watering cost, and that’s providing the damn thing completes the job without going mental.

Maybe in a few years.

For The Lady! New Bretonnians this year?

08/12/2013 5 comments

Bretonnian Army Book


I can barely type I’m so excited but there’s a chance that my beloved Gallic Knights might be getting a new army book and models this year!  This evening Bigred posted this on the Bell of Lost Souls forum:

Viewing a retailer order sheet, Bretonnians are no longer able to be ordered from Games Workshop at this present moment. Following the usual cycle , this indicates that there is a new rulebook on the horizon with some new models to come. We assume this would be in the November/December release slot after the Inquisition Skirmish game is announced in October at Gamesday UK.  

Distributor sources verify the upcoming WHFB release shipment, described only as “a human race”, with but would not confirm a release dates.

While this in nothing concrete (i.e. take with the implied truck-full of salt), this army is crying out for an update because they just don’t work in the 8th edition.

You can find the whole thread here, I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

Leaked Space Marine Tactical Squad Images

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Like Phil, I’m very glad that the box will still have ten models, I honestly wasn’t expecting that though it does remain to see how much GW will charge.

Hopefully some of the crazier rumours we’ve heard about this box set (all heavy weapons, heresy armour) will pan out also.

Nevertheless, I really like the look of this set as it will both give me extra options for my Chaos Marines as well as allowing me to press ahead with my long-gestating Imperial Fists project.

Heck, I might even paint up a squad of Ultramarines. Fourth Company, of course!


Yes, even more leaked Space Marine images. This time the all important Tactical Squad. Rejoice wargamers because it looks like they’ll be a squad of 10 after all but goodness knows how much they’ll be.

They look like they’ve just been tidied up rather than anything too mental done with them, which is good. In fact it looks like there’s just been sharpening of detail and improving some of the poses. I heard a rumour that they’ll be some bits to make pre-heresy armour variants but we’ll see.


And here’s some snaps of the new Sternguard models as well. Which look awesome. And thankfully in keeping enough with the previous Veteran models that I won’t need to replace them. Hurrah!NewSpaceMarineSternguard

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Mutated Chaos Marines WIP 2

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Managed to get back on the painting horse after over a week of urgent Real World stuff, house hunting is bloody tiring!

Anyway, this afternoon I got my ten gifted lads all basedcoated up then started applying details to them in batches. First up are those with four normal limbs but faces only a mother could love.


Can’t get any more done today but hopefully I’ll be able to get at least a couple of them finished tomorrow.

Merciful God-Emperor, I Want!

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Forgeworld have done it again. I love this model and even though I don’t collect a Heresy army I think a suitably converted one could be used as a Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith.

Full details of the Magos Dominus can be found here.