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Merciful God-Emperor, I Want!

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Forgeworld have done it again. I love this model and even though I don’t collect a Heresy army I think a suitably converted one could be used as a Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith.

Full details of the Magos Dominus can be found here.

Ten Epic Models We Need in 40K

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Bell of Lost Souls have posted and article listing the ten Epic models they most want to see in 40K, you can read it here.

While I agree with the list for the most part, why in earth have they not considered this bad boy?


For the uninitiated, this is a Great Gargant, the Ork answer to a Warlord Titan. To be fair, I’d settle (for now) for a standard Gargant, the Ork Reaver Titan if you will.

True, they’ll be expensive and an utter nightmare to transport but a quick search of the interweb throws up a whole host of kit bashed attempts so there’s certainly an appetite.

Plus, rumours point to a large greenskin release in ‘Orktober’, a Forgeworld superheavy would be most welcome.

Leaked Images of Space Marine Centurions

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centurions2The rumours were true and thoroughly unsurprising as these dudes have been knocking around since the Horus Heresy collectible card game. And actually I’m quite impressed that they stayed as loyal as they did to the art work. Obviously the photos aren’t brilliant but I actually think these could be pretty cool….

Indicative price is 3 for £50 so start saving boys and girls.

And as a bonus, here’s a blurry shot of the anti-air craft Rhino Variant…

RhinoIf this is a stand alone I reckon it’ll be about £25. If it’s going to be rolled into the Rhino/Razorback box, it’ll be about £25…


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