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Big Damn Heroes

09/29/2013 1 comment


Well, that’s all of my Dark Angels built and along with the stuff from my limited edition Dark Vengeance box I think I’ve got quite a decent little force.

As some of you may know, my Far Better Half and I are in the process of buying a house so I think that these chaps will be the first new project I paint once we move in.

The Unforgiven Emerge

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Yes, yes, I know I have far too much on my hobby to-do list but this evening I couldn’t resist building some Dark Angels.

Aside from the Dark Vengeance box contents, I’ve not assembled any loyalist Astartes in nearly twenty years so it’s been quite a nostalgic evening.

The observant among you will have no doubt noticed that this model is not the shiny new marine tactical squad box, I picked up an unopened old one on eBay for next to nothing a couple of weeks ago along with the unassembled Chaos Rhino I’m currently painting up for use by my Khorne Berserkers.

Not quite sure when I’ll get round to painting these chaps but I know I’ll enjoy it immensely.

An easier way to buy and sell miniatures

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Miniature Bids

If, like me, you buy and/’or sell miniatures and other gaming paraphernalia, you’ll have most likely used eBay or, if you prefer living dangerously, Gumtree or Craigslist.

Now though, there’s a dedicated miniature gaming auction site which I think is going to do really well.  Presenting Miniature Bids!

The advantage to sites like this is, of course, it’s bespoke nature, it’s far easier to find what you’re looking for and chances are the buyers and sellers will be more informed regarding the items for sale.  I certainly wish I’d known about it when I had to sell a shed load of stuff last year as I suspect I would have made a bit more money.

Nevertheless, web ventures live and die at the hands of their users, let’s try to make this one a success.

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09/26/2013 2 comments


I really didn’t think I’d last this long but this is my blog’s three hundredth post.

When I started this just under two years ago I’d been back in the hobby for a couple of years and had recently discovered the #warmonger online community. I really didn’t know what to do with my blog other than to post pictures of what I was presently working on in an effort to keep me focussed and productive as, like many of us, I sometimes have a hard time finishing what I started.

The blog’s developed in ways I couldn’t have predicted; I never thought I’d ever write editorial-style articles (not that I write many), and I’ve really enjoyed writing the backgrounds of my armies. There’s much more of that to follow. However what I’ve found most rewarding is sharing my blog with others through the Trenchmates series and other more general post-article interactions with readers.

I am genuinely humbled that so many people view my self-indulgent wittering, I hope that some of you enjoy it. I have no idea where this blog will go in the future, but I can’t wait to find out.

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Mutated Marines WIP 3

09/23/2013 1 comment


Decided to take a wee break from my Berserker Rhino and get some more of my mutated marines progressed. My aim is to get all the normal parts of the marines completely finished first before starting on the various ‘improvements’ they’ve picked up during the Long War.

Khorne Berserker Rhino WIP 3

09/21/2013 2 comments


After coming down with a manflu-sized case of Nurgle’s Rot over the past week I finally managed to get some work done this afternoon. Still a lot to do, especially a significant amour of cleanup but I like the way it’s coming together

Khorne Berserker Rhino WIP 2

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This evening I was supposed to be at my weekly Role Playing game (we’re in the middle of a really cool Mage game at the moment) but this damned cold means I can barely speak so I’d be even less use than usual.

Since my wife works Tuesday evenings I thought I’d crack on with my Berserker Rhino. As you can see there’s a lot still to do but I think you can now see where I’m going with it.

Khorne Berserker Rhino WIP

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Today was mostly spent house hunting but I was able to, eventually, make a start on the base coat for the Rhino.

So far I’ve applied three thin coats of Khorne Red (what else?) followed by a glaze of Carroburgh Crimson. The next step is to paint on the metallic effects and make a start on the bone areas.

Needs more spikes…

09/15/2013 1 comment



Too much? I always enjoy indulging my Blood God tendencies and building this Rhino I accidentally bought on eBay has helped me embrace my Berserker side.

I have tomorrow off as it’s a public holiday up here beyond the wall so with a bit of luck I’ll make some good progress.

Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer

09/15/2013 1 comment




This morning I put the finishing touches onto my Sorcerer. I really enjoyed painting this model however if I do a second I’ll leave off the left arm as it was a right bugger to detail the book underneath!

This afternoon I’m going to make a start on a Rhino for my Khorne Berserkers.